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Life Insurance
Corporation of India
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Why Do We need Insurance?

Need for yourself, your family & for whom you care the mostﳰan>


ﳰan>Lifelong Care Insurance Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized corporate agent of Life Insurance Corporation of India .

By government estimates, India has on amorphous middle class of about 312 million people who can afford/really need to have life with health, stability, security and pension benefits. Out of 312 million people in India only 22% have insurance. 78% or 243.36 million people have no insurance cover or more than Rs. 1450 Billion Insurance Premium market is untouched.

It rewards you with Recognition, Social Circle, Personality Development and Wealth. Nothing can stop you to achieve what you want in this system. The real window of opportunity has just opened. The Lifelong Care offer you a point of entry that will multiply your short-term efforts into long-term rewards. Some work as concept just feel so right choosing a new style of job that dedicate your energy to is an important decision you want to find a company that shares your passion, your interest and your ideology.
Our group creates and strengthens the dynamic sales force of Specified Persons. Lifelong Care provides services and sell insurance through our Specified Persons. SP is a person how take training of 75 hours at iiiexam and pass exam, than only he / she can start to work with as Specified Person. The pre launching of Lifelong Care took place on 1st Sept 2003 and the formal launching took place on 22nd ﳰan>ﳰan>Sept. 2003.

Our mission .

  • By offering unlimited earning potential regardless of background or experience.
  • By providing one of the best earning Package in this profession.
  • By helping every one of us work independently towards financial independence.

Insure & Be Secure...                                                 
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